Don’t Believe the Diet Hype!

Don’t Believe the Diet Hype!

Diet Struggle

Think about it…

How many diets have you tried– Ten? Twenty? Thirty?

Personally I’ve had experience with just about everything out there. (my bodyphat story)

You know, it’s absolutely mind-boggling how many diets there are. There’s the “miracle, Hollywood lemonade Diets”… the grapefruit, cabbage soup and tuna diets… “the superstar diet secrets no one knows about”… portion-controlled, celebrity endorsed boxed meals… diets with cookies, with cereal, with shakes… it’s ridiculous.

And have you noticed how most of these diets promise you “THE Magic Bullet” that will finally end your weight loss misery. Yet in the end– you end up FATTER than you were before you started.
Can't Fit Clothes
So doesn’t it seriously make you wonder,

If We’re All on Diets…
Why Are Most of Us Overweight–
or more importantly, OverFAT?

Well, the Truth is… It’s really NOT Your Fault.

Sounds like an excuse, right? Well, the fact is you’re not struggling with your weight because you’re a failure, or because you’re not committed, or because you can’t follow a program.

Weight Loss Frustration
The truth is…fad diets don’t offer healthy, long-term solutions.

Let’s face it, if they worked, you wouldn’t have to keep going on them.

Look, I know first hand how stressful and frustrating it is to lose and gain…lose and gain some more…lose and gain even more. It feels like you’re trapped in a never-ending cycle.

And unfortunately, as long as you look to fad diets for long-term, weight management solutions, the more this will continue. That’s because most of these popular diets are founded on the “Just Say No To Calories” mentality.

Yes, I know “Calories In = Calories Out” is the widespread weight loss mantra. But I’d say that this general approach to weight management is why most of us continue to battle with excess body fat.

I'm Still HungryOkay, at first you might lose a few pounds when you first start dramatically cutting your caloric intake; but that’s because you’re body hasn’t adjusted yet. Once it does, your body takes this drastic caloric restriction as a possible threat and prepares for famine (“I will survive, hey-hey”) by sending a “RED ALERT” message to your butt, your thighs, and your belly and tells them to “Hold onto to the Emergency Reserves!” (that’s your excess body fat, if you hadn’t guessed already– and yes, I know it’s a bit dramatic but you get the point).

So not only do you start hoarding body fat; if you do continue to lose weight, it will be primarily muscle tissue and water weight- which is the last thing you want because the more lean muscle you lose and the more body fat you carry around, the slower your metabolism.

Holding onto FatAnd it gets worse, because when you begin to eat regularly again (even if it’s healthy food), it’s far easier for you to gain the weight as body fat because now you’re metabolism is shot.

And yet most diets focus on Weight Loss instead of Fat Loss.

Why is that?!?

So here’s the deal, any approach to weight management that ignores your metabolic health and body composition (ratio of muscle tissue to body fat) is ultimately doomed to fail.

While there are many things you can do to shed pounds, any method that causes a sudden change to your body composition, can be dangerous. While some fad diets may induce rapid weight loss, these methods can also cause you to lose muscle (that’s bad) and may also injure your heart and other vital organs (that’s really bad).

The best solution for weight loss? Don’t go for an overnight miracle. Stop looking for the magic bullet. It doesn’t exist.

Instead, embrace lifestyle steps that will help you to lose weight, primarily excess body fat, in a healthy manner.

So Break Free from Your Dieting Bondage and Don’t Believe the Diet Hype!


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